Product Overview

    The MeSOMICS, short for the Measurement System for the Optically Monitored Identification of Cable Stiffness,  MeSOMICS is a one-stop, fully automated optical testing equipment specially designed to provide flexible cable’sstiffness information for IPS Cable Simulation. It has a very high degree of automation and robustness. With only one clamp, it can complete all testing and evaluating of the results unattended, and output HMD format, which can be directly loaded in IPS. 

Test content and process

  •     Making sure the samples of cable are fixed as the requirements, And setting the measurement items in the equipment operation screen, The MeSOMICS will automatically conduct multi-round testing and iteratively optimize the parameters. Depending on the test project, the test time varies from 10 minutes to half an hour. The test items includes bending stiffness, torsional stiffness and tensile stiffness.


Result output

  •    After testing and optimizing  the result parameters, it will be output in HDM format file which can be read directly by IPS, and stored in the material parameters database for call at any time.