Brake Hose

      Real-time, dynamic simulation and optimization design of brake hoses, efficiently assessing the possible static or dynamic risks of brake hoses, comprehensive monitoring of interference, pulling, over-bending and fatigue damage.

Background and status

  •  The traditional brake hose layout relies solely on the engineers personal experience to plot the hose space shape with spline curves in the CAD software. Ignoring the influence of the brake hoses own gravity and the material properties on the space shape , the deviation between the CAD design model and the actual is large . It is also impossible to comprehensively evaluate the   risks (interference, pull, over-bending and fatigue fracture, etc.) of the brake hose during the movement. In the real vehicle trial stage, problems are usually exposed, and the problems are solved by repeatedly modifying the design and performing physical verification, which is inefficient and costly.


Solution scheme

  •  In the development process of the brake hose, the advanced flexible cable simulation tool IPS Cable Simulation is introduced, and the phased design goals were completed at each node of the vehicle development. Its main application  as follows:

1、Concept stage: Preliminary layout simulation of the brake hose to provide reference for the overall layout of the structure. This stage mainly considers the aesthetics of the brake hose layout;

2、Detailed design stage: Simulation, optimization and verification of the brake hose layout scheme, including dynamic risk assessment and design tolerance checking. This stage focuses on the reliability of the brake hose;

3、Trial or real vehicle test stage (non-essential): Re-simulation of individual risky brake hose to find the cause of the risk and further provide an optimization solution. This stage focuses on brake hose material, manufacturing process and assembly problems. making a diagnosis and control.

Advantages and features

•  Using IPS Cable Simulation for Brake hose layout design and simulation that can greatly improve design efficiency and compress project development cycle while guaranteeing design reliability, the advantages and characteristics as follows:

      •Considering the influence of the brake hoses own gravity and the material properties on the space shape ; 

      •The simulation is real-time, no need to draw a grid, no waiting, and the optimization results are presented in real time; 

      •Comprehensive control of multiple risks, including interference, excessive force, severe torsion and too small bending radius ; 

      •Considering the effects of material, manufacturing and assembly tolerances on the brake hose space shape; 

      •Considering the internal pressure , inertial turbulence, and durability analysis.