Scrap Slip

      The simulation analysis of scrap slip can accurately predict the real die trimming process and scrap slip process, and effectively reduce the impact of trimming scrap and iron chips on trimming process.

Background and status

  •    The complex trimming environment in stamping process often brings the problems of scrap jamming and stacking. At the same time, the unreasonable mold structure design will also cause the problem of jamming and scrap iron filings entering the product area (especially aluminum alloy parts mold). These practical problems will have a huge impact on the production cycle and increase the cost of stamping manufacturing. For aluminum alloy trimming dies, there is even a risk of direct damage to the mold surface due to too many waste.

Solution scheme

  •    In ls-dyna, set the blank sheet, trimmingtools, scrap, and sliding groove to simulate the real cutting process. The entire trimming process starts from the contact of the tool with the sheet; until the scrap is completely separated, the scrap drop is calculated. At the same time, ls-dynacould considering the physical properties of the scrap, so it is possible to simulate scrap jamming and pop-up during the slipping process.

Advantages and features

  •    Using Ls-Dyna to simulate the trimming process with real molds, the current extensive trimming process trimming simulation status is changed. And this will guide the layout of trimming tools and the design of scrap chute. At the same time, LS-DYNA has the ability to analyze multi-physical field, so it is possible to simulate the trimming filings. The core value points of the solution include:

           n          Entire process simulation,more reality; 

           n          Scrap sliding simulation could guide the design of scrap chute; 

           n          Making the simulation of trimming filings be possible.