Assembly Response

      Assemblyresponsesolution changes the existing status of considering the product qualification separately, emphasizes the assembly qualification , and always optimizes design based on assembly quality.

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Background and status

  •    In the stamping process, the single productis always qualified, but the single qualified product is often unable to satisfied the assembly quality, Especially for the car body cover parts, there is plastic deformation process in the hemmingprocess. So the quality of the assembly size will be Complete changes after hemming, and there are reinforcements in assembly product, it will also affect the dimensional accuracy of the assembly. In the current mold development process, the Die Tool for outer/inner/hemming were manufacture by different company. So it is hard to control the assembly quality for OEM. As a result, the final product quality problem is endless, which also lengthens the mold development cycle and increases the mold development cost.

Solution scheme

  •    The whole process analysis of the stamping process was carried out with Ls_Dyna. Firstly, Do the compensation of single parts, then run hemming and assembly response, and then morphing the Die tool of single part based on assembly response. 


Advantages and features

  •    The response control strategy based on the finite element simulation tool Ls_Dyan and the springback compensation tool OmniCAD breaks through the bottleneck of the existing stamping development process, Widening the response control capability to sub-assembly quality, and it is possible to control the quality of entire body-in-white. The core value points of the solution include:

      n      Created a new simulation filed of assembly response. 

      n       errors that require excessive dimensional accuracy of the outer panel, the dimensional accuracy of the assembly is mainly affected by the inner panel.

      n      Avoid big morphing on outer panel, which reduces the difficulty of outer panel compensation.

      n      Greatly shortened the mold development cycle and development cost, considering the accuracy of the workpiece from the assembly size is more scientific and feasible.