Platform Introduction

      IPS is short for Industrial Path Solution , It’s developed by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft , which is the biggest organization for applied research and development services in Europe. ,and it initiate and advocate Industry 4.0 in Germany . IPS is the achievement of Fraunhofer’s technology meeting industry ,base on math , mechanics and computer science ,aims to provide digital simulation solutions for such as flexible components , assembly verification, ergonomics  and robot cooperation . There are more than 90 users of IPS all over the world ,and it spreads over industrial area, like Automobile ,3C ,Aviation, Aerospace, Rail and so on.

Product Overview

  •    IPS Path Planner can generate optimum paths automatically for assembly , It lets simulation engineers import a scene geometry from any CAD system. Any object in the scene can be set as a so called planning object, which IPS will find an efficient path for, provided that the object can be freely assembled along a path. The calculations done by IPS save the engineer a substantial amount of time, which otherwise would have to be put into manual planning of an assembly path free of collision.


Special function

  •    Automatic calculation of assembly paths efficiently, 

  •    Gliding feature to manually pull out the object by allowing sliding against the surrounding surfaces, 

  •    Build a mechanism tools and plan path with planning object together with these kinematic tools, 

  •    Clearance analysis and generate assembly envelopes, 

  •    Power, speed and easy to use.

Application examples


Step 1:Auto-Escape

Use Auto-Escape  to find a collision free position for a planning object by moving it in small steps from the current position. 


Step 2:Automatic calculation

Set start and goal position, and hit plan path button to find a guaranteed collision free path for assembly.


Step 3:Analysis

Analyze the clearance to surrounding during assembly process.


Step 4:Visualization

Get a map of shortest distance over a whole rigid body to surrounding geometry.

User List

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